Looking for an opportunity to volunteer in an African country? You are interested in working with an organisation that wants to effect change in the region while being socially responsible and sustainable? You want to live in a safe environment and really get to know the local life and culture?

The reasons for wanting to volunteer are many. Our project welcomes people from all over the world, no matter your age, gender, religion and skills. We will be happy to have you and treat you as a guest and friend.
We are very glad to receive volunteers, whatever skills you have, we will find a way how you can best apply your knowledge to help our community. Therefore we offer a wide range of activities (see: List of Activities) and when you join us we will discuss which activities are best for you and if you have ideas not mentioned on our list you can always feel free to bring them up. We will be grateful for any help you can provide us with. It might not seem much to you, but it means a lot to us.

Apart from being of great value to us, we believe that joining our project will be a great experience for you as a volunteer. It can help you gain a deeper understanding for a completely different world. You will not just end every day knowing that you have spent your time and energy giving valuable help to those in need, but also go to bed feeling part of a community.

In our ever-changing world with its new ways and demands, showing kindness and connecting with others are vital for us as social beings.
Tukolaganhe – Let’s work together!