During your stay, you will live with Moses and his family at their compound. It is very peaceful and the pre-school is within 5 minutes walking distance.

On the left you can see the volunteer house.

On the right one of the rooms. The rooms are simple, but clean and if you are missing anything, we will try our best to help you.

The sitting area; a place to take meals together, relax from an exhausting day full of new impressions and watch the tropic rain falls.

Separate to the volunteer house we have shared showers with running water and western-style toilets. There are two of each. The water is stored in a black tank on the roof of the showers, so water is usually slightly warm in the evenings, when the sun has been shining.

May I introduce? Daisy, one of your new neighbors. Kyabirwa gives you the experience of country lifestyle, combined with the advantage that you can reach Jinja in just 20 minutes.