New school-uniform.

We want to thank our friend Madam Fernanda plus all her friends back home in Uruguay, for their generous donations made towards our school “Little Stars kyabirwa” now called ” Kyabirwa community junior and vocational school”. They raised funds that was used to buy new T/shirts (Uniforms), yo all our 102 kids in the school.All our kids now have new T/shirts, it was a day of joy that left our kids with very big smiles on their faces, when they received the new uniforoms.Living in a remote area like ours, this was unexpected happening to our kids and the community at large. We, the TUKOLAGANHE YOUTH FOUNDATION team, community members and the parents of our students, hereby do appreciate all the efforts made and the good work done to support our school in such a wonderful way. We as the Almighty God to reward you all abundantly.

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