Tukolaganhe youth foundation team,do hereby thank the lilipad family in Germany for their wonderful support given to our community in promoting the education sector.we appreciate all your efforts.generious contribution and dedication to set up such a wonderful community library in our community.This library has done a lot in changing the lives of our community members. The establishment of lilipad, kyabirwa community library, has changed a lot in our teachers, students and parents that utilizes it.This is evident by the results of last year’s National Examination and the mid term exams for term one of 2020, that was done before the lockdown due to this pandemic. It was evident that the results changed a lot compared to the previous years. The employment of such a dedicated librarian at our centre and the training given to him by madam Lavinia, while she was here with us, has very much improved and promoted a lot the service provided at our centre.We want to thank madam Sara and Mr. Paul who visited us in 2017 and came up with this great idea of setting up a library in this community. After them, we received our brother Mr Manuel in 2019, who, then setup the community library. Then madam Lavinia, who came in March 2020, with more resources and funds to boost the established lilipad_kyabirwa community library. We can’t forget the wonderful Women’s day and Fantasy festivals, organized by her while here with us. OH! My God!. The community was on fire. This confirms the statement made by one philosopher who said that”Change can be started by one man” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not only the mentioned changes above,we also want to sincerely thank the lilipad family, for their generous support to the Owino family, during this hardest time caused by COVID 19 pandemic that led to the lockdown in Uganda and other countries worldwide. You have been there for us and we know you’re still.Honestly, you’re extra ordinary people.

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