Library Time

This week we had a library session with the Tukolaganhe kids. We are lucky to have such great donors and friends of the project who have donated many books and […]

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Holiday Classes

With the next school term beginning on 6th February, Tukolaganhe has been hosting holiday sessions for the local kids throughout December and January. They have been using the library, under […]

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Tailoring Exams

This week we welcomed tailoring students from around the community as Tukolaganhe hosted the annual Directorate of Industrial Training modular exams. We hosted a total of 21 students who have […]

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Thank you

The TUKOLAGANHE YOUTH FOUNDATION team, want to say a very big “THANK YOU” to our volunteers Isaac and John for the support that they gave us, to help paint our […]

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New school-uniform.

We want to thank our friend Madam Fernanda plus all her friends back home in Uruguay, for their generous donations made towards our school “Little Stars kyabirwa” now called ” […]

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Tukolaganhe youth foundation team,do hereby thank the lilipad family in Germany for their wonderful support given to our community in promoting the education sector.we appreciate all your efforts.generious contribution and […]

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First vocational course

We’re glad that the first vocational course in our program has started, with the tailoring course. This is because many girls in our community can be trained in this field […]

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A New brand

We changed our name “Little Stars” to “KCJ and Vocational School”. As you can see our new badge. This was with effect from Feb 2020. All our contacts are still […]

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Graduation Day

We had the graduation party for our top class. We are grateful for all the donations that enabled us to reach this day without being closed down. The parents who […]

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