We want all of our volunteers to feel like they can share their knowledge and skills in many different areas. For this reason, we provide a wide range of activities to suit all volunteers. Upon your arrival, you can check out the options and discuss with Moses which of our programmes you want to participate in. Always feel free to discuss new ideas with us, but please also understand that we might not be able to put all of them into practice.

We offer the following activities at our project:
– teaching at the preschool
– organizing games for the children
– drawing up charts to learn the alphabet, numbers, animal names, etc.

Vocational Training Center
We are currently still in the process of setting up this part of the project. But we will be glad for any suggestions you have.
We want to offer the following courses:
– Weaving and knitting
– Tailoring
– Arts and crafts
– Hair dressing and cosmetology
– Carpentry
– Metal works and welding
– Motor cycle and bicycle repair
– Computer lessons
– Computer and phone repair
– Games and sports
– Building and construction
– Painting works and design
– Administration and leadership skills
If you have any expertise in these areas, that you feel comfortable sharing, we will be happy to set up classes with the youths in the community.

Community Activities
Again, we wish to provide every volunteer with the opportunity to share what he or she knows best. Therefore, you can join in many different activities around the community. Below is just a list of examples:
– teaching the illiterate elders of the community to read and write the English language
– training the local youth football teams
– organising reading sessions at the foundation’s library
– organising after class lessons for needy learners at primary and secondary level
– helping with farm work and construction around the village
– helping with tree planting programmes
– organising village clean-ups (plastic waste is a big problem in the community)

We would also like to provide the community with lessons or educational talks on different topics like:
– Microfinance
– Birth control and early pregnancies
– Domestic violence
– Child and marital abuse
– Environmental issues

Further possibilities
If you think your area of expertise lies somewhere else, we have partnered with different institutions in Kyabirwa to also allow for placements at:
– the village secondary school
– the village health center