Sometimes when you look at a country like Uganda, you find yourself overwhelmed by the amount of different problems around. It feels as if it would be easier not to start, than to pick up one end just to find another problem the next day. Change seems impossible at times. Why start?
We know that we will not be able to change Uganda over night. But we can help the children and youths in our community to become responsible and well-educated adults. If every community tries their best to improve their lives in whatever way they can, then tomorrow will be brighter than today. That’s why we started Tukolaganhe in Kyabirwa, to start the change we want to see by helping our children to become the leaders of tomorrow. Setting up a pre-school and a vocational training centre for the youths will better educate them and allow them to become productive members of society. One day, when these children are doing great things, they might think back to their pre-school and come back to help out their peers in Kyabirwa.
Our resources are the willing hearts and minds of many, willing to invest effort and time into this project. This ranges from members of the community to friends from abroad, former volunteers that worked on a former project in Kyabirwa with our CEO. They felt that he is doing a great job for his community and when he brought forward the idea of founding a pre-school and youth centre, many supported him.
Moses provided a piece of land for the project, so we could start constructing the necessary buildings. One year later, we have got a running pre-school with 100 kids and are in the process of setting up the youth centre. Now, we are ready for volunteers to join us, to share our lives with them and to be enriched by their ideas, care, skills and love. That is our way to transform lives in Kyabirwa.
Our project is run by Moses as the CEO, who is a well-respected member of the community. We have employed three teachers and a cook for our pre-school. We also have a board of supporters from Western countries. We thereby want to ensure that we profit from everyone’s viewpoints and ideas, as well as always having the community’s benefits in mind. One of our core values is transparency, therefore we always strive to be absolutely clear about any funding we receive and the way we spend it.