Graduation Day

We had the graduation party for our top class. We are grateful for all the donations that enabled us to reach this day without being closed down. The parents who attended the party, showed a lot of gratitude for what our school has achieved. We are excited for the next year with our Little Stars […]

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We have completed the construction of our latrine. The village health team was impressed to see the quick progress and we are glad that we can now provide the kids with a proper latrine. A huge thank you to all our generous supporters! It is so wonderful to see this project grow with all your […]

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The Grand Opening Day

A big day: the official opening of the public community library and the first anniversary of our preschool took place.

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Our Offices

The interior of the offices has been plastered and painted. They are now ready for use.

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Opening Day

Only three weeks after “Day one” on February 12th 2018, the school opened its doors

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Break Time

There are no spoons available? Why not use a fresh leaf from a nearby tree? Problem solved!

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The Classrooms

The school, has three levels: Baby, Middle and Top classes. When school started, the children in top class were really eager to learn and they were attentive and disciplined.

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Construction Phase 2

At the end of December 2018m works to build the second block started. Piped water connected sometime before offset the need of traveling with jerry cans to fetch water. Construction works were fast as usual and by mid February 2019, the second block was ready. Additional works were done like the fueling of the classrooms, painting of the doors and windows, the new paved veranda and wiring of the whole building, and soon we shall have the power which we have already applied for.

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It’s a great achievement that as of 2019, the children are wearing their uniform. Our colors are blue, red and orange but we shall soon introduce the green color that we choose as our theme color for the school

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