About Us

About Us

Tuko’laganhe Youth Foundation is a volunteer organization established by a Ugandan teacher and some former volunteers, who worked with both primary, secondary schools and also the community. We want to target the areas of education that are not covered by the public sector. We identify as a grass root organization that has been registered as a community based organization (C.B.O) but we hope to expand our work to other communities in the future and then register as a Ugandan N.G.O.

1. Early Childhood Education (E.C.E.)

The Ugandan Government has done great work in the education sector by starting programmes such as Universal Primary Education (U.P.E) and Universal Secondary Education (U.S.E). These have been a step towards attainable education even for poor families. The Ugandan school system has both a public and a private sector, but most rural communities cannot afford to send their children to private schools. These children go to the public schools of Uganda that lessen the financial burden on the parents by paying for teachers and materials. Yet, children in private schools still seem to be at an advantage, as their performance is often much better than that of their peers in public schools. Universal Primary Education (U.P.E.) provides schooling for children aged 6 years or older.

Our CEO and founder Moses Owino worked in primary schools for many years and often found children at public schools were not well prepared and hence unable to perform to their full potential. Unfortunately, there is no government programme for Early Childhood Education (E.C.E.) as of now. We firmly believe that early childhood education is highly important in giving kids a head start for primary school. It provides them with the opportunity to get acquainted with the routines of school life and learn social behaviour. We believe that a child that grows up in an environment of tolerance, encouragement, fairness, safety, acceptance and friendship will learn to be patient, self-confident, and kind. They will have the tools to have faith in themselves and those around them and will find love in the world. This is our vision for Uganda's rural communities.

With our project of building a pre-school in Kyabirwa, we want to provide the youngest children of this rural community with Early Childhood Education. In this way we hope to increase their chances at performing well at school and later in life. We wish to set a firm foundation for these young children to build on.

2. Vocational Training

In spite of the government programmes mentioned above, many young people are not able to complete their education. Some of them are needed at home, some are orphans living with relatives who do not send them to school, some families cannot afford the materials or school fees, while others get frustrated by underachieving academically or by the lack of employment opportunities for school leavers. Many of these youths are unable to find employment due to their lack of education and skills. We want to empower them to improve their lives by providing vocational training. We believe that knowledge and skills can help them become self-reliant and productive members of the community, thereby becoming an example for their peers.

3. Community Work

We want to work with the local communities to improve knowledge among the parents concerning different areas like food security, cleanliness, primary health care, childhood and adult education.

4. Volunteers

To us, volunteering must be seen as a two-way learning relationship. Since the organisation was founded by a combination of locals and former volunteers, we have a good understanding of both sides. We want to provide volunteers with a safe environment in which they feel comfortable to share their knowledge and make new experiences. We want to enable volunteers to enjoy and feel fulfilled by the work they do, as well as always having an eye on the benefits to the community. Our goal is that you will never forget the great time you shared, living and working with the caring and dedicated members of the community in beautiful rural Uganda.

Kyabirwa is a great location for volunteering in Uganda. It is close to Jinja, one of the main towns that attract tourists in Uganda. And for a good reason - located at the source of the Nile, it offers beautiful scenery, fun leisure activities and the amenities of a small city. However, Kyabirwa is far enough from the town to give you a real insight into rural life in Uganda. Moses - the CEO - and his family will accomodate you during your stay. You will feel at home in no time and whenever you find yourself unsure about something, there is someone to offer a helping hand.

We strive to offer different areas for volunteers to work in so everyone feels their knowledge and skills is applied to its utmost potential.

Our mission is to help the young kids and empower the youths to secure improved quality of life and health through education.
Specific objectives:
(a) Promote and support education and training to enhance formal education among kids and youths in the community.
(b) Build and strengthen the capacity of the community and social support system.
(c) Promote partnerships, networking and cooperation between local communities, NGOs and International Organizations.
(d) Help the rural Ugandan child to enjoy, love and compete with children who live in urban areas, both academically and vocationally.
(e) Lobby and advocate for improved policies in child education that affect children’s livelihoods and champion children’s rights including ECE, youth empowerment and gender equality.
(f) Improve the knowledge among the community members through sensitization programs on clean environments, food security and primary health care.

Our Mission

To give our children a headstart into school by providing Early Childhood Education. To empower marginalized youths in our community through vocational training.

Our Vision

We hope to help in empowering the children and youths to be good citizens with a wide range of skills, so they may later rise to be future leaders of their communities. We are working together towards poverty eradication, better education and more economic power. We envision a world in which projects like this are no longer necessary, because all children have access to high standards of education.