We believe that every family has the potential to contribute towards improving their own lives, their community and their country, as long as the conditions are created for them to reach that potential...

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We now run a number of programmes in Kyabirwa to address a broad range of issues, not only social life but the determinants of health: increased livelihood, training of professionals



Here is the group that spearheaded the initiative to improve the life in Kyabirwa community. They have combined their skills and tapped into many different resources to ensure this project's success. Of course the community members have been actively involved

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Our vision

We hope to help in empowering the children and youths to be good citizens with a wide range of skills, so they may later rise to be the future leaders of their communities. We are working together towards poverty eradication, better education and more economic power. We envision a world in which projects like this are no longer necessary, because all children have access to high standards of education.

Our Mission

To give our children a headstart into school by providing Early Childhood Education. To empower marginalized youths in our community through vocational training.

Our campaigns

  • Current $2,000.00
  • 100%
  • Backers 3
Due to the heavy rains in the past week our latrine unfortunately collapsed. We have had to build a mud replacement but it will not last longer than 6 months. We therefore urgently need ...
  • Current $540.00
  • 57%
  • Backers 2
Water tank
We want to collect rain water in a tank to make our project more environmental friendly and sustainable. For this to happen we need to attach rainwater gutters to our roof and buy a ...
  • Current $4,910.00
  • 100%
  • Backers 0
Office Block
To construct a pre-school and a resource Centre for the youths programs. This will be possible as we know that the community members with whom we shall run this program are willing to provide ...

Latest News

The Grand Opening Day

A big day: the official opening of the public community library and the first anniversary of our preschool took place.

Resource Room

We held a parents meeting in our new resource room.

Our Offices

The interior of the offices has been plastered and painted. They are now ready for use.

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